Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops, cos I'm tired of being alone.

As I was walking home from the library today, I passed the streetlight with the Farewell sticker on it and smiled.

Every time I see those stickers, I smile. Not really because of Farewell--I mean, I like them a lot--but it reminds me of all the unspoken connections I have to the thousands of Carolina students I've never met.

I remember the first time I saw one of the stickers. I drove up to UNC with Jeremy in an extremely failed attempt to buy my textbooks. After we failed that, we decided not to waste all the time driving to Chapel Hill, so we just walked around the campus and looked at all the pretty buildings.

We walked to Carroll, the building I knew I would be spending so much time in, and we walked to Ehringhaus to see the dump I'd be living in for a year, and we walked to the stadium, the Dean Dome. Then we were hungry. Hello first meal on Franklin Street.

Walking up from South Campus we saw the sticker stuck on a Daily Tar Heel box. Jeremy was the first person I saw them with, so it was only perfect that it was with him on this new frontier that I saw the sticker.

I felt a connection to Carolina in a way I hadn't yet.

I figured there would be some students here who also loved mindless pop-punk, jumping up and down, electronica and silly hats, but it was like I realized all the glory that college could be. It was like, I'm not limited to journalism. There are so many opportunities ahead of me that I never even saw because I was so bummed about going to UNC in the first place. I suddenly felt connected to someone I had never met, I probably never will.

The extra irony, of course, is that the sticker was on a Daily Tar Heel box, where I've already made so many connections and spent so many hours at, much more than Farewell ever could. But forget that.

I smile every time I see the sticker and I still don't know why. I mean, it makes sense that there would be fans here, the band is from Greensboro after all. There's really nothing surprising.

But it still makes me smile every time. I wish I could meet the person who posted that.

And today, on my way home from the journalism library on my day off from DTH, I still felt as refreshed and connected to the UNC campus as I did that day during the summer.

[non journalism post ftw!]

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