Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing's basic enough.

I always get mad at editors when they tell writers their stories are "just" going online.'

Online has tons of advantages to print news. I could rattle them off, but then I'd get off topic. No one's arguing with me here. Just because your article doesn't make it into a print edition certainly doesn't mean it doesn't get read, and it doesn't mean it doesn't have impact. If we can still get sued with a "just online" story, we can certainly make a positive impact as well.

Yes, I talk the talk.

I'd love to have a very strong web presence. But I kind of want someone else to do all the building for me. Unfortunately, web designers are expensive.

So tonight I tried to make my own web page. Unfortunatley I have failed so far.

I activated my hosting space on the school's Web site. I bought a domain. but I couldn't figure out where to go from there.

I feel like if I'm having trouble this early in the process I might should be worriedt.

There are so many steps. I tried it all. Asking for hep. Googling it. I feel like that's a major problem with a lot of site building FAQ's: nothing's basic enough. I was so lost the entire time, and I didn't know which was host and which was domain, all the basic terms that seem so obvious once you hear them are too hard to find to lok to use them.

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