Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bye bye watchdog?

An online news source that's going to tell me exactly where I can buy the cheapest gas on the way to the highway? yes please. One that will inform me about where I can park in Chapel Hill? perf. One that updates me on the newest rock tours in North Carolina? sounds incredible.

It's the kind of product that my JOMC491 class is producing. But this article we're reading for it makes me wonder if that's what I should be wanting from my news source. All that stuff sounds awesome. Sorting through a Carrboro board of alderman agenda about which bank the town will use? psh boring.

News that's chosen by those with trained news judgement rather than the immediacy of what you specifically want can show you so many things you dind't know you cared about but should. I actually found the bank debate a fascinating conflict between local and big businesses once I got into it.

But more than that, they show you what can affect you that you wouldn't even know it.

You might not care about your town council's consent agenda. But you would, if it was passed and they had, without any discussion, given every council member health insurance for life, a story my reporting professor loves to tell.

But Kelly, you might say, that kind of news is what the papers are for. The Internet we can do something new and different.

Well, yeah. but here's my question. and it's a practical one, that I realize another class will probably attempt to answer: how are you going to afford all that?

how are you going to afford a specific news staff for every person's wants and needs?

The article states that a primary fuction of reporting is analysis. Well, if the only news you're getting is about where can you park or what movies are playing in your local theatre, how much analysis can you get?

It even said "Reporting the news means telling citizens what they would not otherwise know." But if we create a product that only gives you what specifically you're looking for, how will you ever find out something you wouldn't otherwise know?

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