Friday, September 24, 2010

My first day in Washington!

Oh man. Little Washington and I met. And it was awesome.

I learned a lot, that's for sure. Let's start with the way I was dressed:


I wasn't sure what to wear, because I wasn't sure of what I would be doing. I was just told I would get my assignment on the way down there. So I decided better safe than sorry, I'd wear a professional dress. I did not fit in in Washington, I looked like I was from New York with my modern business dress and big sunglasses and leather purse.

Anyway, I was prepared for anything. Except maybe the incredible heat I encountered. But when I realized my professor had given me the wrong number to call, I faced my first challenge: finding wireless Internet to find out exactly what I was doing. In downtown Chapel Hill or Raleigh, this would be no problem. In Washington, it totally was.

We stopped first in this adorable little bookstore and asked the clerk if she knew where we could get it. She said the restaurant next door had it but you could sometimes pick it up here. So I sat on this little green chair and tried to pick it up but failed. The clerk told us a coffee shop downtown had wireless so we trekked that direction til we could finally pick something up.


Then, I finally got my task for the day: if I were to move to Washington this weekend, find a place to live and find something to do.

I thought this would be no problem. So after wandering down and introducing myself at the Washington Daily News, I figured maybe the best place to start would be the classifieds. Sure.

First problem: I didn't have any quarters on me. So that was a fail.

There were some other boxes nearby with free real estate stuff, though, so I picked up the "apartment guide."

second problem: they were all in Greenville. I suppose I could commute from Greenville. But who would want this business as your newspaper? (I kid :P) But really, I thought I should stay in Washington.

So then I wandered into the visitor's center, where they directed me to Chamber of Commerce. While in the visitor's center, I mentioned I would be around this weekend, and asked where I could stay.

They told me about a gallery exhibit premier that sounded kind of cool and a couple of places that would have live music. I love me some live music in Raleigh. This is win. They told me about two places, the Pirates Pub and Notes Cafe.

Well I went over to the Chamber. It was right on the water yesss.


While I was in there, I asked the roughly 25-year-old girl at the front desk what I could do this weekend. She said "for people our age" Notes Cafe and Pirates Pub were about our only options. Or I could go into Greenville.

Anyway, at the Chamber they gave me a list of apartment complexes with phone numbers. There were about 6 in Washington, 4 elsewhere in the County. Psh, this was too easy.

So I sat down to make some calls. Then I hit problem three: every single one of these apartments listed, even the ones fairly far out in the county, were full.

I was stumped. I figured there just weren't that many complexes in such a small town. so I figured the next place to look was the Internet, so I needed wireless again. Headed on in to Notes Cafe.

It was empty, so the owner called out to me once I walked in. I said awkwardly in an overly southern accent, "So I heard y'all had wireless in here?"

He welcomes me in and starts talking to me, gives me the wireless password, and asks me where I'm from. I say Raleigh. He asks me what I'm doing in Washington.

"I'm looking for an apartment. And I can't really tell you why I'm looking for an apartment. But I'm looking for one as soon as possible."

Then he tells me to check out Pamlico Properties. He tells me they'll give me the lowest prices.

I found so many cute places I'd love to live.


This one's probably my favorite. It's beautiful, waterfront, middle of downtown, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pet friendly, and a mere $850/mo. for the entire house. Plus, the interior walls are green! so cute.

So a little word of mouth there goes a long way. This'll be important to keep in mind.

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