Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wake up, Mr. West.

This Thursday, I'll be taking my first trip to Washington, N.C., so lovingly referred to as "Little Washington."

It's hard to decide how I should prepare for this trip. My job is going to solve some sort of problem, which I won't know until driving down on Thursday. Judging by the live Washington cam, it looks like a real busy town.

Judgment aside, I'm actually really psyched. I feel fairly attached to this town after I've already done all this thinking about it.

but I'm a little bummed I won't be shadowing the newspaper, to be honest.

I guess part of that's just me wanting to be inside my comfort zone. This is exactly where I shouldn't be if I want to create something truly new and innovative.

Well, here's my anticipations, however far off they may be. I think this could be useful. Here's how a city-slicker sees them, let's see if any of them are accurate
-I expect this to be a small town. Meaning I expect a lot of neighborhoods, not a lot of chain businesses. A few mom and pop stores.
-I expect to see a lot of water, since the town is on the coast.
-I expect to see a lot of gift shops.
-I expect to see a lot of neighbors talking on their front lawns, fostering that community atmosphere.
-I expect to see some white picket fences. This is small town N.C., after all.

Also, I expect their Eastern N.C. barbecue to be delicious and I fully intend to try some while in the area.

But all these stereotypes I have, whether or not they're useful, aren't what I'm looking for. Because the stereotypical Washington citizen is going to be sitting on their rocking chair reading their newspaper cover to cover, and that's not what I'm looking for.

So for everything that seems unusual, that I wouldn't expect, I'm coming for you.

get ready.

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