Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sailing on

Google has so many random functions.

I never realized how many way there were to organize information until I took this class. And, dear God, I'm actually starting to use spreadsheets for my personal life.

I have a goal to go somewhere I wouldn't otherwise get to go to this Summer. For whatever reason, one of the areas I've taken an interest in is Alaska.

So I found a list of all newspapers in Alaska. With a little research I can make a database of addresses, phone numbers, circulation, whether they're daily or weekly, etc.

I'm excited about learning these new ways to organize data.

But I'm concerned with finding that data to organize.

The last time I attempted to get police reports from Washington, NC, I had to drive there. They also told me to get a weeks worth I'd have to wait at least four days because it would take them so long to manually censor them (AKA, violate public records law).

So I'm very concerned about how to get this data I'd need to play with in such a short time span.

I'm not sure where to go from here. But I'll make some calls in the morning and try my best.

Where I'm going next, I'm not sure.

Anyone got some spare police reports from Washington lying around?

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